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Alexis Jan Atthill Hunter 

4 November 1948 – 24 February 2014 

Eminent New Zealand born painter and photographer. 

Feminist artist Alexis Hunter exhibited artworks in different media to pursue a dialogue on modern society, the role of the feminist movement and conflict between cultures. She lived and worked in London and in Beaurainville, France

Alexis's photographic imagery of the male body influenced by the of sexist advertising of women in the 1970s is continued through this decade with images of despotism in Africa and demonstrators in London.

By using sequential narrative and studio photography her work  challenges the photographic image to symbolise the artist's moral imperative.

Since 2006 her photographs have been introduced to a new generation; they have been shown in the Norwich Gallery, WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution in the United States and at the Cologne Art Fair in Germany.

Interest in her work is very much alive in international galleries and beyond 


Alexis's estate archive and artistic legacy is now administered by the Alexis Hunter Estate Trust. This inheritance, belonging in ideas to the 1970's Feminist Movement, is eagerly awaited by universities and women's groups. Alexis is represented by the RICHARD SALTOUN GALLERY in London.

Her obituary was published in THE GUARDIAN 11th March 2014

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