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DACS and ALCS Reference List


2010 - 2020

Renegotiating The Body, Feminist Art in 1970s London, Kathy Battista, I.B. Tauris London. ISBN 978- 1-84885-961-6 [Cover and 5 images] figure 2.12 photographs of Catherine Elwes in Menstruation ll 1979, pg 81, fiqure 3.12 Scenes from Domestic Warfare 1979 pg 113.

The Enemies of Art / the Stuckists, Victoria Press London. ISBN 978- 0-907165-31-6 [2 images] Soho Bicycles, painting, p 89. Bank protest, photograph 2008 p106.

2000 - 2010

2010 ‘This Could Happen to You: Ikon in the 1970s’ (Ikon Gallery, 2010) ISBN 978-1-904864-64-6 The Object Series , 1974-5 (3 photographs) 2 on p84, 1 on p85

2010 ‘An Antidote to the Ghastly Turner Prize’ (Victoria Press, 2010) Phantasy 1, 2001 Ink on paper. p20 Female Phantasy , 2010. Oil on board. p21 (artist interview p20)

2009 'International Stuckism' Prague, [1 image] Votre Person, Monsieur President, 2008. photograph. p72

2008 'Arbeit* 'published by Galerie im Taxipalais. Innsbruck ISBN 3-86588-154-8 [21 images] The Marxist’s Wife (still does the housework), 2008/1978 p91 (work & artist written about p.90)

2008 'No Such Thing As Society, Photography in Britain 1967-87' from the British Council and the Arts Council Collection, Professor David Alan Mellor, Published by Hayward Publishing. ISBN 978-1-85332-265-5 [4 images] Domestic Warfare, 1979. Photograph.

2007 'Alexis Hunter Radical Feminism the 1970s', edited by Lynda Morris, published by The Norwich School of Art and Design, texts by Lucy R Lippard and John Roberts. ISBN 1-872482-82-1 [ 7 images on cover +173 images] front cover Object Series (twin towers image); inside cover Approach to Fear VII: Pain - Solace; pp4-6 Sexual Rapport Series, 1972-76; pp8-13 Tattoo Series, 1973-4; pp15-19 The Object Series, 1974-5; pp21-23 The Model’s Revenge, 1974; pp25 Sexual Warfare, 1975, Romantic Love and Sexual Hatred Series, pp27 Approach to Fear VII: Pain - Solace, 1975; pp29-33 Approach to Fear I: Violence - identify with aggressor, 1976; pp35-39 Approach to Fear III: Taboo - Demystify, 1976; pp41-43 Approach to Fear VIII: Contamination - contaminate, 1976; p45 Approach to Fear VI: Violence - destruction of evidence, 1976; pp47-48 Approach to Fear II: Change - decisive action, 1977; pp50-51 Approach to Fear XVII Masculinisation of Society - exorcise, 1977; pp53-55 Approach to Fear XI: Effeminacy - productive action, 1977; pp57-59 Approach to Fear VII: Pain - Solace, 1977; pp61-65 Approach to Fear XIII: Pain - destruction of cause, 1977; pp66-68 Approach to Fear XIX: Voyeurism - exposure, 1978; pp70 -79 Dialogue with a Rapist, 1978; pp81-83 To Silent Women (alone we failed), 1981; pp85-89 Gender Confusion: Incubus/Succubus, 1978; pp91-93 To Make: Lover, Mother, Artist, Sister (Objectification of a Stranger), 1979; p95 The Spider Tattoo, 1981; pp97-99 The Marxist’s Wife (still does the housework); inside back cover Taboo - demystify, 1976; Back cover Identity Crisis

2007 Paradoxa vol. 19 ISSN 14610434 [10 images ALCS] Dialogue with a Rapist, 1978

2006 'Livre Unique Francais 2de', Terres Litteraires, sous la direction de Xavier Damas, publisher Hatier, France. IBSN, [1 image] The Goddess. Painting

2005 'Camera Austria' September

2004/5 DACS Reports and Accounts Studio shot.

2004 DACS Twentieth Anniversary ISBN 0-9548158-0-7 Binary Code Crocodile, oil on computer circuitboard, p80

2003 The Dictionary of Feminist Theory , Second Edition, Maggie Humm, Edinburgh University Press ISBN 0 7486 1908 9, [1 image cover.] Front cover Considering Theory, 1982. Painting.

2003 'Artist's Book Yearbook 2003 - 2005', Edited by Sarah Bodman, UWE Bristol, ISBN 0 9536076 9 0, [1 image pg 21] Full of Sweet Dissolution, The Drinkers Series drawings, 2002. p21(written about p20)

2003 Cork, Richard, 'Everything seemed Possible, Art in the 1970's'. ISBN: 0 300 09508 2 2003 [ 2 images] Identity Crisis, 2 images, introversive & neighbour, p171 (Hunter written about pp.171-172)

2003 'New Hall Art Collection 3rd Edition' Edited by Patricia Acres. Published by New Hall Cambridge University. ISBN: 0 950 7108 4 9. [2 images]

2003 Mulholland, Neil, '(Art of the 1970')s' ISBN: 0 746 0392 X [2 images]. Approach to Fear. Photographic series/painting

2002 Doy, Gen, 'Drapery: Classicism and Barbarism in Visual Culture' IB Tauris, 2000 London ISBN 1-86064 5380 [2 images] Approach to Fear, Voyeurism

2002 Left Shift: radical Art in 1970s Britain, John A. Walker (IB Tauris) ISBN 1860647669 p193, p226, p242

2000 Hunter, Alexis, 'Live in Your Head: Concept and Experiment in Britain 1965 – 1975', Whitechapel Gallery, London, U.K. ISBN: 0854 88 1220. [3 images.] (ALCS) Sexual Warfare, 1974. Photo sequence

2000 Hunter, Alexis, 'Live in Your Head: Concept and Experiment in Britain 1965 – 1975', Museum Do Chiado, National Museum of Modern Art of Portugal. ISBN: 972 776 083 X. [3 images]. (ALCS) Sexual Warfare, 1974. Photo sequence

2000 'World Festival of Work on Paper' Kranj, Slovenica. ISBN: -- [1 image. ] Soho Cat II, 2000. Drawing, ink on paper


1999 Um Kunstlicht, Photography in the 20th Century , Donnesberg, Kunsthaus, Zurich, Switzerland. [I image] photosequence

1999 Roberts, John The Impossible Document: Photography and Conceptual Art in Britain 1966 - 1976, Cameraworks, London E2 0QN, ISBN 1 871103 10 X [1 image]. (ALCS) Sexual Warfare, 1975. p127. (Interview with Alexis pp.128-133)

1997 'From The interior' editor: Fran Lloyd Published by Kingston University Press ISBN: 1 899999 04 3. [6 images] (ALCS) Co-dependence 2, painting; p53 Evolution series, 1996. Painting; p63 and 64 Approach to Fear Masculinisation of Society - exorcise, 1977; p64 Considering Theory, 1982; p66 Siamese Separation, 1985-6

Hunter, Alexis, The Pleasure of Creativity 1996, 'Women's Art in New Hall', Published: New Hall, 2nd additions ISBN: 0-9507108 2 2. Considering Theory, 1982. Acrylic painting (private collection USA)

1995 Humm,Maggie 'The Dictionary of Feminist theory' (Cover) ISBN 0-13-355389-2. [Cover image] Considering Theory, 1982. Acrylic painting (private collection USA)

1994 '2nd Sharjah Biennale', British Representative, United Arab Emirates. font-family:"Gill Sans"'> [1 image]. Borrder Abu Dabi, painting sequence, 1995

1993 Wolff, Janet, 'Critical Quarterly' Strathclyde University, Glasgow. ISBN: NA.[ Cover image]

1992 King, Catherine, 'The Politics of Representation: a Democracy of the Gaze' 'Imagining Women, Cultural Representation and Gender' The Open University, Polity Press U.K. ISBN-07.456.09740. [1 image] p237 Struggle between Ambition and Desire, 1983. Painting

1992 Women’s Art at New Hall, ISBN 0950710822 Approach to Fear XI: Effeminacy - Productive Action

1992, 'Illustrations for Maria Socokis' Poem, 'New Departures, The Grandchildren of Albion' Ed Michael Horovitz. ISBN: 0 902689 14 2.[ 2 images, page 304 and 305] Pig Drawings, ink 199-

1991 Chadwick, Whitney, 'A Postmodern Postscript' 'Women Art and Society' World of Art series,Thames and Hudson ISBN- 0.500.202441.9 pp350.[ 1 image]

1990 Biting Back: Symbolic Animals by Ken Kiff and Alexis Hunter. p7 Camden Town (Mask), painting; p9 King’s Cross, painting; p10 Artist and Her Muse, painting; p11 Siamese Separation, painting.


1989 Saunders, Gill, 'The Nude: A New Perspective' London. Published: The Herbert Press Ltd. ISBN: 1-871569-06-0 [1 image] The Sound of the Moon, 1982. Painting sequence (coll. Sargent Gallery, NZ)

1989 Osborne, Peter, 'Aesthetic Autonomy and the Crisis of Theory' 'New Formations 'No9 ISBN - 0.415.037468.

1988 'Women Artists Diary ', London. Published by: The Women's Press. ISBN: 9 780704 340770. [1 image] Ink Drawing, 1968; Goddess, 1987. Monoprint

1988 Hunter, Alexis, 'Mark Making' '68'78'88: From Women's Liberation to Feminism', Ed Amanda Sebestyen, Great Britain. Pub: Prism Press. ISBN: 1 85327 022 9. [2 images] (ALCS)

1987 'Framing Feminism', 'Art and the Women's Movement 1970-1985'. Edited: Rozsika Parker and Griselda Pollock. ISBN: 0- 86358-179-X.[ 4 images] (ALCS)

1987 Ed Robinson, Hilary 'Alexis Hunter interviewed by Caroline Osborne' in 'Visibly Female 'London pp 26-71. ISBN: NA, [3 images] (ALCS)

1987 Nairne, Sandy, 'Sexuality, Image and identity, State of the Art: Ideas and Images in the 1980s' London pp137-141. ISBN: 0 7011 3086 5. [6 images] 4 images of To Silent Women, photo sequence, 1981 Unilever, UK); Passionate Instincts, 1983. Oil painting; Siamese Separation, 1985. Oil painting.

1987 Festival Internationale de la Peinture, chateau - musee de cagner sur-mer France, The Expostmate, oil painting (private collection, NZ)

1986-7 London Fields Artists, 9LA, 8P. SPACE (no ISBN) The Country of the Heart, pastel drawing, 1986

1986 Spalding, Frances, 'British Art since 1900' London, pp228-229. ISBN: 0 500 23457 4. [1 image] Approach to Fear XIII: Pain - Destruction of Cause, 1977

1986 'Hand Signals', Ikon Gallery, Birmingham and Travelling. ISBN:0 907594 03 4. [1 image] (ALCS) Responsive/Oppressive, 1978 (detail)

1986 'The Golden Thread? Classical Mythology in Contemporary Art', Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston and Milton Keynes Exhibition Gallery. [1 image]

1985 'The Camden Group', Ed. Alyson Hunter, Falcon Gallery, London. [1 image] no ISBN. Image by Alyson Hunter (polynesia series, painting destroyed)

1985 Pollock, Griselda and Parker, Rozsika 'Framing Feminism: Art and the Women's Movement 1970-1985' London. ISBN: 0- 86358-179-X. [3 images] The Marxists Wife still does The Housework 1978 Photosequence detail, Pg 43, To Silent Women 1981 Photosequence detail Pg 49, Pgs 5, 19, 41, 47, 74, 100, 157, 169, 173, 177-8, 234, 247, 309, 322-5.

1985 'Scratching and Biting Savagery' in 'Women's Images of Men' Ed Sarah Kent and J. Morreau London p46. ISBN: 0 86316081 6. [2 images] p6 photo: Solace II from Pain: Destruction of Cause, 1977; p6 painting: Considering Theory, oil on canvas, 1982

1984 'The State of the Art', ISBN: 0 7011 3086 5.[ 5 images] (ALCS) Approach to Fear XIII Pain: Destruction of Cause, 1977. Photosequence; The Struggle Between Ambition and Desire, 1983. Oil painting

1984 'The State of the Art', Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. ISBN: 0 7011 3087 3. [5 images] (ALCS) Approach to Fear XIII Pain: Destruction of Cause, 1977. Photosequence; The Struggle Between Ambition and Desire, 1983. Oil painting

1984 Caroline Osborne 'Alexis Hunter Interviewed' 'Feminist Review, Cultural Politics' No18 pp93-101. ISBN: NA. [5 images] (ALCS)

1983 Webb, Peter 'Erotic Art' pp. ISBN: NA [1 image]

1982 Beatson, Alexandra 'New Painting in Britain' in 'The International Trans-Avantgarde', Ed Achille Bonito Oliva, Milan pp192-201. ISBN: NA [1 image]

1982 'Photo (Graphic) Vision', The Winchester Gallery. [1 image] pp10-11 Cat Tease, 1977/81. Xerox sequence, 6 images. 1982 Hunter, Alexis, 'Sense and Sensibility in Feminist Art Practice', The Midland Group, Nottingham. ISBN: 0-906519-11-X.[ Cover image and 1 image]. (ALCS) Pleasure and Theory, 1982. Drawing. To Silent Women, detail 19-. Photosequence 1981

Summer Show 1981- Serpentine Gallery. Pub: Arts Council of Great Britain. ISBN: 0 7287 0290 8. 1 portrait and [13 images] The Spider Tattoo, xerox sequence, and one image of To Make, xerox sequence (Dark Secrets, 1981)

1981 Alexis Hunter / Photographic narrative Sequences, Lippard, Lucy, 'Hands On'. Richards, Margaret, Essay. Published Edward Totah Gallery ISBN 0-907773 001. [373 images] (ALCS) Front and back cover hand spilling wine over title page; p5 Object paintings, 1974 (installation shot); p6 Approach to Fear XVI: Urban Frustration-Meditation, 1977; p8 photos: Heart Attack, 1976 and sketch; p9 Perception in Crisis, 1976. Colour xerox; p10 Tattooed Woman, street snapshots 1973-4; p11 Identity Crisis, 1974; p12 Approach to Fear XIV: Urban Sophistication - Aggression, 1977; p15 Approach to Fear I: Violence - Identify with Aggressor, 1976; p16 Approach to Fear VI: Violence - Destruction of Evidence, 1976; p17 Approach to Fear: Pain - Medication, 1976; p18 Approach to Fear: Taboo - Demystify, 1976 (SNGMA); p19 Approach to Fear XIX: Voyeurism - Exposure, 1978; p20 Approach to Fear VII: Pain - Solace, 1977; p21 Approach to Fear XIII: Pain - Destruction of Cause, 1977; p22 Approach to Fear XVII Masculinisation of Society - Exorcise, 1977;  p23 Approach to Fear XI: Effeminacy - Productive Action, 1977; p25 War and Nature, 1978 (Arts Council); p26 War and Nature, 1979; p27 Dialogue with a Rapist, p28 For every Witch, 1979 (The Zurich Museum); p29 A Positive Ritual/Death Unto Life, 1978-80; p30 A Secretary Discovers the World, 1978; p31 The Marxist’s Wife (still does the housework), 1978; p32 and 33 A Young Polynesian Considers Cultural Imperialism Before Going to the Disco, 1980. Colour xerox; p35 Responsive/Oppressive, 1978; p36 Domestic Warfare, The Wedding Anniversary NW1, 1979 (detail); p37 Domestic Warfare, 1980 (photograph printed of a slide, drawn then xeroxed); p38 Gender Confusion Incubus/Succubus II, 1978. Drawing; p40 Nina Fixes Her Car, 1980 (drawn on); p41 Cat Tease, 1977/81 (painted on); p43 Soho Square, 1978/81 (painted on), p44 The Spider Tattoo, 1981; p45 The Objectification of a Stranger, 1980. Xerox; p46 To Silent

1981 'Issue, Social Strategies by Women Artists', Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. ISBN: 0 905263 09x.[26 images] The Marxist's Wife (still does the housework) 1978, Photosequence A Young Polynesian considers cultural imperialism before she goes to the disco 1980 Photosequence (ALCS) Date? 'Photography: Social and Sensual' in 'Fotografie als Kunst, Kunst als pp187-201. ISBN [2 images]


1979 'JP2', Exhibition-Palais des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles, Brussels.[3 images] A Secretary Discovers the World, 1978. Colour xerox sequence

1978 Hunter, Alexis, 'Three Perspectives on Photography', Hayward Gallery, London.Pub: Arts Council of Great Britain. ISBN: 0 7287 0195 2. [ 8 images] We blame You For Every Witch That Has Ever Been Burnt 1978, Photosequence. Domestic warfare 1979 drawing. Domestic Warfare 1979, Photosequence detail

1978 'Hayward Annual 78', Hayward Gallery, London. f ISBN: 0 7287 0178 2.[46 images] Approach to fear XIII: Pain - destruction of cause 1977 detail, Photosequence. Approach to fear VI: Violence - destruction of evidence 1976, Photosequence. Approach to fear VII: Pain-solace 1977, Photosequence.

1977 'Arts for Society', Whitechapel Gallery, London and Belfast.

1977 'Whitechapel Open', Whitechapel Gallery, London.

1975, Hunter, Alexis.'Space Open Studios', London [6 images] (ALCS)

1975 'British Realists', Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.

Bibliography: Magazines UK and EEC


2010 Donna Marie Howard 'Introducing...The New Radical' Who's Jack, issue 43, December 2010 pp61-62. p61 Approach to Fear XVII: Masculinisation of Society - exorcise, p62 Dialogue with a Rapist, 1968
The Big Issue, November 13-19, issue 719, Snapshot, Carol Grebe, ISSN
2007 n. paradoxa, volume 19, 'Dialogue with a Rapist' as art pages, Director Katy Deepwell, KT Press, 1461-0434 [ten images with text]
2007 Frieze magazine, Kathy Battista review, [1 image] ISSN Approach to Fear: Masculinisation of Society - Exorcise
2001 'Arts Dialogue', no.54, [2 images]
2000 'MAKE' no. 88 pg 2 August issue [1 image]


1998 'MAKE' no.81. No image. (ALCS)
1998 Hunter, Alexis 'The Emperor's New Clothes'. 'MAKE' No79. ISSN: 1365-1390 [2 images] (ALCS)
1988 'Arts Dialogue', Artist's Statement. [4 images]
1997 'MAKE' no74. ISSN: 1365 8190. [1 image] (ALCS)
1996 Brochure design and text, with H S Keelan, 'From the Interior, Female Perspectives on Figuration', London, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London. [2 images]
1996 Hunter, Alexis, 'MAKE' no.72. . Article: What you see when you look in the mirror? ISSN: NA [3 images] (ALCS)
1995 Hunter, Alexis, 'The Female Body, Art and Censorship' 'Everywoman' March. (On-line) ISSN. [1 image] (ALCS)
1995 Hunter, Alexis, 'Interview Essay', 'Arts Dialogue', Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (On-line) ISSN. [4 images] (ALCS)
1995 'AN - Artists newsletter' July issue. Article: Alexis Hunter Travels in Arabia, page 10-11. ISSN: 06613425. [3 images] (ALCS)
1994 Dutt, Robin, Alexis Hunter/Gallery K, City Limits (Image of Scylla print) [1 image]
1994, Hunter, Alexis, 'Artist's Statement', 'Fantasy', Edited by Helen Keelan and Brenda Martin, Women's Art Library, London. [2 images]
1994 'Women's Art' no.61. Page 21. . ISSN: 0961-1460 [1 image]
1993 'Women's Art' no.53. . Page 21. ISSN: 0961-1460. [1 images]
1993 'Women's Art' no.50.Dahn, Joanna 'A Muse on Myth: Joanna Dahn on Alexis Hunter' PG 23, ISSN: 0961 1460 (image of Acteon print) [1 image].
1993 Mooring, Letty / Hunter, Alexis, 'Sisterhood' 'Women's Art' No55 Women's Art Library Magazine pp13-14. ISSN: 09611460 [2 images] (ALCS)
1992, Author? Review, Gallery K, Nov 20 MAG (1 image of Muse of War)
1990 'Women's Art' no.36. ISBN: 095 10230. Front Cover and Article: Alexis Hunter 'Personal Archetypes'- interview by Meg Campbell. Page 18 - 20. (including Front cover). [5 images] (ALCS)
1990 Hubbard, Sue, 'Alexis Hunter, Todd Gallery', 'Time Out', March 14 (image of Kings X) [1 image]
1990 'Art line' [1 image]


1989 'Artists of the 1990s', Sunday Telegraph Magazine, [1 image]
1987 Williams, Evan 'Portobello and Beyond' 'LAM' PG 43, Nov 28. [1 image]
1987 Jennings, Rose 'Erewhon', 'City Limits' July 9-16 [1 image]
1986 Spalding, Frances 'Post modernism' 'Women's Review' No11 pp25-27. ISSN [3 images]
1986 Hunter, Alexis 'Women Artists Speak' 'FAN' No2/4 pp16-17. ISSN [1 image]. (ALCS)
1985 Kent, Sarah, 'Critical Images' 'Flash Art' No121 March pp23-27. ISSN [3 images]
198- Collier, Caroline, 'Alexis Hunter: Edward Totah Gallery', ' PG 54 [1 image]
198- Heron, Liz, 'Women on canvas', pg 69, 70, 71, magazine? [7 images]
1984, 'Feminist Review' Alexis Hunter Interview, ISSN: 0141-7789, page 93-101. [4 images].
1984 Collier, Caroline, 'Alexis Hunter: Edward Totah' 'Flash Art' no 117 April may pg 39 p [1image]
1984 Kent, Sarah, 'Alexis Hunter's recent paintings' 'Time Out 9-15 Feb. London [1 image]
1984 Image of 'Passionate Instincts 2 ', Edward Totah, Flash Art. [1 image]
1983 Dimitrijevic, Nina 'Alexis hunter, Edward Totah gallery'' flash art' no 110. [1 image]
1983 'Alexis Hunter, passionate instincts VI ' Edward Totah 'Artscribe' no 44 [1 image]
1982-83 Fisher, Jean, 'Objects of Fetishism' 'Art Monthly' No52 pp13-14. ISSN [2 images]
1983, , 'Alexis hunter's new paintings' Studio International, vol 196-no 998, Jan/Feb [1 image]
1982 Hart, Melanie, 'Alexis Hunter', 'Arts Review' 5.11.82 ISSN [1 image]
1982 Pollit, Nigel, 'Dreams, Nightmares and Male Myths,' 'The Leveller', ISSN [1 image]
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1980 'Feminist perception'. Alexis Hunter. Artscribe no. 25. Magazine. [image](ALCS)
1981 KENT, Sarah, review, 'Alexis Hunter: Totah Gallery' 'Time Out' Oct 16-22 [1 image]
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1981, Fisher, Jean, 'Alexis Hunter, Edward Totah Gallery', 'Art Forum magazine' [1 image]
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1980 Jeff Sawtell, 'Artery', page 42. ISSN: 0144 8412. [1 image]


1978 'Women Artists Speak' Frances Spalding, Alexis Hunter, FAN magazine, volume 2, no.4, [16 images] (ALCS)
1978 'Artscribe' no.13. page 12 - 16. Article: Thermodynamics - Thoughts of 4 artists in the Hayward Annual. [Cover photograph + 1 image]
1978 Searle, Adrian, 'Thermodynamics: Thoughts on 4 Artists at the Hayward Annual' 'Artscribe' No13 August pp12-16. ISSN [1 image]
1977 Kent, Sarah' 'Engendering Self-Respect' 'Studio International' Vol 193 No 987/3 pp194-1965ISSN [20images] Approach to Fear IV: taboo-demystification 1976
1975 Braden, Sue, 'Gallery Roundup,' 'Time Out'. Page 7 and 9. [2 images]
1974 Kent, Sarah, 'Review', 'Time Out 'ISSN [6 images]
1973, Anon,' Woman Artist's Take Action', 'Spare Rib', pg 10. [1 image]

Video UK

1984 'Passion and Power', Gervaise Sourouge, with Blair, Rego, Cooper, Hunter, commissioned by Alexis Hunter for Exhibition at La Mama Gallery, New York, Interviews. Large Painting
1982 'Lives of Artists not Wives of Artists', Morawitz ,Interviews, New Hall Cambridge University Archive. Photosequence
1978 Interview with the Filmmakers Nina Kellgren and James Scott, Institute of Contemporary Arts Video Archive, London. Photosequence


Alexis Hunter at work, 1971, 16mm black and white film, Wayne Stevens, New Zealand. Oil painting of vase and grapes (Private Collection NZ)
'Anatomy of a Friendship' 1974, Super 8, Alexis Hunter, 20 mins (Coll. Film Archive of New Zealand)
'Approaches to Fear' 1977, Super 8, Alexis Hunter, 10 mins, (Collection of Film Archive of New Zealand) 1990 Edited Vivian Smith. Sound added Norwich Gallery, Dan Tombs and Tom Salt, 2006 on DVD. Sound track from Brian Eno 'Planet Waves'.
'The Making of Domestic Warfare' 1979, Alexis Hunter and Nina Kellgren Super 8, 10 mins


Kracow TV News interview, Poland, July 2007
Kino program. Freitag, 10 Juni 2005 Arbeit*, Galerie Im Taxipalais Radio
Kracow Radio, interview with The Bat, Poland, July 2007

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